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Nearest surrounding:

Ribadesella just 5 km far away: touristical excellence town, with its coastal road and historical town centre.

Dinausor footprints: world-famous in Ribadesella escarpments.

Ribadesella town council: Cuevas village,with an only entrance crossing 1 Km distance cave.

Near surrounding:

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Ribadesella Ribadesella Ribadesella Ribadesella Ribadesella Cave Tito Bustillo  

.....towards east Cuerres: Llanes council with charming villages (Porrua, Poo, Celorio, etc,) numerous wild beaches ; "Peña-Tú" prehistoric idol, Cares road, Fuente Dé, Cabrales and Picos de Europa national park.

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Llanes Peña-Tu Fuente De Picos de Europa Route of the Cares Beach of Torimbia

....towards west Cuerres. Cangas de Onís, Covadonga, Enol lakes, Sueve mountains, Arriondas, Colunga, Villaviciosa, Tazones, Fito viewing point , Oviedo, Gijón, etc...

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Bridge Roman - Cangas de Onis Covadonga Lake Enol Viewing-point of the Fitu Tazones Gijón

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